Self-paced study allows each student the time to absorb the information. This allows the student to spend more time on things they are less familiar with and less time on what they already know.     The interactive online portion can be fun and engaging, improving understanding and retention.
Using the process of decision tree (success or failure) can help the student learn the information.
The student has 6 weeks to complete the course after they start. They must complete the skills within two weeks of finishing the online course.​ 
The instructor portion (3 hours) allows the student to practice what they have learned. The instructor can review all portions that a student may be unsure of.


Blended learning is a unique training concept that  combines the use of an online training session, followed by a hands-on face to face practice and evaluation of skills with an instructor. Instead of being gone for two days in a course, your employees hands on training will be 3 hours! Skills can be scheduled at your facility.   ($30 set-up fee)   YOU RECEIVE THE EXACT SAME CARD AS THE TWO DAY STANDARD FIRST AID- LEVEL C CLASS
The potential benefits of blended learning for Employers include:

  • Alberta Government and OH&S approved course for all jobs
  • Convenience. Utilizing the online portion can shorten class times and will give you more time to make scheduling alternatives.
  • Reduction in "out of work" time.     Shorter hands-on sessions or smaller groups can significantly reduce the cost of bringing a group of people together for training. 
  • All students follow the same process and are exposed to the same information.    

Email address is required for Blended learning course
$152.25  (includes GST)​​ per course

Recert $99.75 (includes GST) per course

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Blended Online Standard First Aid

Alberta Government Approved


​ Heart and Stroke Foundation

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