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The I Res-Q U Home Alone Program is designed to provide children with the  knowledge and understanding to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time.

Parents must decide when their child is old enough to stay home alone.

I recommend that children be at least 10 years old. 

8 and 9 years old are ok if they can read well and can pay attention.
Ideally, children should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. However, today's families often have to make this choice due to circumstances.
This program is designed to cover many situations that can occur but
must be reviewed and talked about  often with the child.  Reviewing will help ensure the child retains the important information.

I Res-Q U, Inc is dedicated to helping children be safe and to help  parents to feel more comfortable when they have to leave children alone.

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My daughter recently finish 3 courses (Babysitter, Home Alone and People Savers Level 4) at Mrs. Martinuk’s place and I got the opportunity to be inside and take a look at her classroom which is very neat  and well designed. What I liked the most about theses courses was the 1 on 1 teaching techniques and the emphasis on safety.   She really created conscious and awareness to detail to recognize dangerous situations and the best way to respond to that.

I also notice that Mrs. Martinuk has been certified with a large number of programs and courses in her career.

My daughter had a great experience, she enjoyed it and she learned.  I am looking forward to sending my youngest daughter in the future.   Malinalli Solis.    


My fingerprints are on file with the RCMP and I have had a background check completed for the Red Cross.  Feel free to come to the classroom at any time prior to the course to meet me!

Price for Home Alone class is $35 per child.  

The Home Alone Hero

class  is  approximately 3 hours. 


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QUICK OVERVIEW:   An informational booklet for parents and caregivers that answers questions on children’s rights, healthy relationships, protecting children and helping to prevent child sexual abuse. 

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