My 22 month old just choked on a huge frozen blueberry and I was able to clear it with one back blow.  Because of your recent review, I was able to stay CALM. Just want to thank you for your great teaching of CPR/choking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carmen

Ruth, you did such an amazing job at teaching me and giving hands on demonstration throughout. I learned so much and appreciated all your life experience and life examples. I really feel confident now in taking charge of a situation that may arise. I would highly recommend this coarse taken from Ruth in such a comfortable and clean setting. Thanks again I appreciate all the hard work and input that has gone into this program.


I could not have asked for a more dedicated volunteer and words cannot express how grateful we are to have you here. It was a pleasure and a privilege to watch you instruct the cadets.  It was apparent that First Aid is a passion for you. Thank you so much.

Wendy Maxwell (Day of Mourning chairperson)

Folks, let me put this straight:  I spent 13 years as an EMT, and 16 years instructing First aid and CPR.  Taking a Standard first aid course as a student is usually painful……UNTIL NOW.  I cannot begin to tell you the level of professionalism, knowledge and execution of adult education that Ruth displayed during my first aid course.  Not only was it a pleasant experience, I am already forwarding my clients and colleagues to her for training.  I have been instructing for almost 30 years and this course was EXCELLENT.  Well done I-ResQ U.

Michael Curtis
The Response Team Inc.

Debbie &Brian

Just wanted to write a note to thank you so very much for the exceptional first aid training my husband, Brian and I received from you on Friday, April 27th. As I told our foster agency, I actually feel much more prepared if I was to be faced with an emergency which I certainly didn't feel the first time I took the training (not from you, from someone else!). One of my biggest fears has always been that I would somehow be caught in the midst of an emergency and not know what to do - you have helped me by taking a lot of the anxiety out of the equation and giving me tools of what I can do- thank you so very much. I hope you don't mind, but I gave glowing reports to our foster agency as well as your information, and hope that they will contact you to do the first aid training in the future for the agency. Thanks again!

I was really nervous when I started the class. Getting the class from you gives me full confidence in my training! I highly recommend Ruth for all your training needs!! I was on a tight time line for recertification and Ruth got me done with time to spare! Ruth you are Amazing! Thank You again!

Chelle D

 I coordinated the arrangement of first aid training for numerous employees and sub-contractors. I RES-Q U was able to offer a very competitive price and the service they provided was fantastic. Our people had nothing but excellent things to say about their experience. From my standpoint, I RES-Q U was great to deal with and very flexible. I would suggest I RES-Q U to any of my friends.

Colin (safety officer for our company)


Just wanted to say Thank you so much to Ruth from my husband and I, for such an easy to learn, comfortable, fun atmosphere to learn First Aid. Ruth's life experiences and positive attitude towards life are inspiring! Which was not the attitude I had before taking this class from Ruth. I will be recommending I RES-Q U and Ruth to anyone who needs or wants First Aid and I most certainly will be going back to Ruth to renew! Thanks Ruth.

Krista L.

I have taken Standard First Aid classes before, and Ruth is beyond the best instructor I have had. She makes the course so interesting with her stories and examples, encouraging attitude, and friendly atmosphere. It was so much easier to understand and retain the information from her involved teaching style. She truly makes you feel confident in your abilities and judgments, and prepared to react in an emergency scenario. When I renew, I will absolutely book with Ruth.

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​I just wanted to say thanks again for the great First Aid Course! I learned so much and feel 100% more confident about facing emergency situations (and it was a lot of fun too!)  I was with my mom when she suffered and passed away from a brain aneurysm a few years ago, and I had no training about what to do in such a situation. I have a much greater peace of mind now about ever facing a similar event. Thank you.​


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